Coffee table books, what they are and how to decorate with them

Coffee table books apilados al lado de una taza de café

Do you love coffee table books but are not sure which books to buy and how to use them in decoration? Keep reading!

First of all, what is a coffee table book?

A coffee table book is a large hardcover book used for decorative and inspirational purposes . They are usually packed with very high-quality images that make them a true work of art.

Interior design, photography, food&beverage , travel, fashion, jewelry... Thesedecorative books cover a wide variety of topics so that everyone finds their hobby reflected.

Although their purpose is merely decorative, some of the coffee table books also contain a lot of useful and interesting information . Due to their luxurious design, they are even small works of art, like the well-known Assouline brand books.

Coffee table book about new york

Why decorate with coffee table books?

The covers and spines of the coffee table books are visually very impressive at the design level , so placing them in any corner or table will be a statement of intent in a home. In addition, there is a wide variety, so there are sure to be designs and themes for all tastes.

Here we give you our 5 main reasons to bet on coffee table books in decorating your home

Coffee table books are versatile

Despite their name, coffee table books are not just for your “ coffee or coffee table ”. They are very versatile and can be placed in any corner of your home:entrance consoles , sideboards , desks ...

Require minimal effort

Unlike shelves, mirrors , plants, works of art..., coffee table books require minimal effort to add a touch of style to the decoration . They do not need to be painted, watered, plugged into an outlet, or hung on the wall. Without complications!

They add character to the home

Coffee table books are a way to express your interests without verbalizing them . They give clues to the tastes, interests and personality of those who live there and are the perfect excuse to start any conversation.

Act as a “tray” to present smaller items

In addition to becoming decorative pieces, coffee table books can also act as a tray to present smaller items, such as a candle or mini vase.

Coffee table books offer more for less

Although some of them can be expensive, a coffee table book is generally more affordable compared to other decorative items like mirrors, sculptures, or paintings.

Coffee table books of various colors and themes placed on a table

How to decorate with coffee table books?

1. Choose your favorite coffee table books

Pick a color scheme. Before shopping fordecorative table books , take a look at the main colors in your home and choose a similar or complementary color.

For example, in rustic environments, coffee table books in beige, toasted or white tones are ideal. If the book has a paper sleeve, you can always choose to remove it and reveal the hard cover, as it is usually a solid color and textured, creating a cleaner look.

2. The organization and layout of the coffee table books

Our proposal is to stack the largest book on the bottom and end with the smallest book on top (if you place them horizontally). We recommend always grouping by odd numbers, starting with 3 coffee table books .

If you use a round coffee table, think of the space as a triangle. This means that you have three corners to design, so the books should be stacked in one of them.

If you use a square or rectangular coffee table, divide the table into quadrants. You can use a corner for the books or have four stacks (one for each quadrant). If this is the case, do not add anything extra decorative to the coffee table books to maintain a clean and modern look.

Do you have too many books? Stack those of similar size next to your sofa or armchair and cover it with a tray to create a very special side table.

If you're using them to decorate a bookshelf , stack them horizontally or vertically to create variation. Remember to always align the spines of the coffee table books with the front edge of the shelf. If they are different colors, turn them inside out for a cohesive look.

3. Give the final decorative touch to your coffee table books

Layer your coffee table books with other decorative items like a candle, vase , or picture frame . Layering different elements adds height and creates visual interest.

You can also incorporate plants or flowers : any green or natural element will immediately soften the whole area and bring light to the room.

Mix functional and decorative elements to create a homey atmosphere. Place the things you use together with the books, such as glass jars or a decorative box for the TV remotes.

Coffee table books next to a decorative vase

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