Luzio's collection of vintage and Persian rugs

Colección de alfombras vintage y persas de luzio store

LUZIO, official distributor of Vintage Carpets, presents two new collections of authentic vintage rugs : Vintage and Persian with unique and genuine pieces made and restored by hand with the highest quality materials from hand-spun wool rugs originally from Turkey. between 20 and 50 years ago, and ancient Persian pieces from between 40 and 60 years ago.

The often imperfect and worn features of the selection of original pieces in Luzio 's vintage rug collection are given a new life full of character and uniqueness, becoming true works of art that perfectly reflect the fusion of old and new. new.

persian rugs

The selection process of the original Turkish rugs collection begins by carefully choosing each of its pieces. Once selected, each rug is carefully shaved to remove the originally coarse top pile. Each piece then goes through an organic process that neutralizes the rug's original colors before dyeing it into vibrant new colors in chic, on-trend hues.

Persian and vintage rug designs by Luzio

Turkish vintage rugs: Gray 377x284cm (€2,680). Blue with black 313x206cm (€1,398). Blue 301x200cm (€964). Emerald 324x230cm (€1,189). Lime green 317x220cm (€1,598). Yellow 268x173cm (€696). Mustard 280x195cm (€1,098), Yellow and orange 370x291cm (€1,999). Orange 269x178cm (€1,400). Bordeaux 281x183cm (€1,086). Fuchsia 365x280cm (€1,999). Bubblegum pink 281x191cm (€859).

A selection of high quality semi-antique Persian rugs , between 40 and 60 years old. Its original colors slowly and carefully fade through intensive washing and controlled exposure to sunlight, transforming each piece into a beautiful, modern and eye-catching rug without additional colors added.

Each rug in the collection is special, unique and maintains the genuine character of the original rug.

Persian and vintage handmade rugs

The tandem formed by the owners of Luzio , María José Gómez and Maxi Zigart, combines the best of each one -her strategic version and his inexhaustible creativity- to extol the uniqueness that characterizes the brand, with a 'savoir- Particular and identifying faire' that breaks the established schemes with its own universe that mixes styles without losing sight of international trends in decoration. “We offer an aesthetic universe that transitions between originality, contemporaneity and exuberance, bordering on the dreamlike”, comment its owners.

Luzio is a decoration and interior design brand created in 2006 by María José Gómez and Maxi Zigart that has its own collections, collections of selected firms, interior design and reform projects, a great professional team of interior designers and decorators, and two restaurants that share space with the sale of branded products.

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