The origin of LUZIO must be found in the soul of the word 'revolution' to which, after a styling exercise, the letter 'z' was changed in a clear allusion to his particular temperament and Italian reminiscences, connotations closely linked to the brand creators.

Its concept corresponds to a very particular and identifying ' savoir-faire ' that bases its strategy on breaking established patterns, through its own universe that mixes various styles, but without losing sight of international trends in decoration.

two creative souls

Since 2006, the tandem formed by María José Gómez and Maxi Zigart has combined the best of each one (her strategic vision and his inexhaustible creativity) to extol the uniqueness that characterizes all their work.

Since then they have traveled the five continents together to return to Barcelona with these exclusive pieces, of infinite styles and diverse cultures, which only they then know how to mix to give life to surprising and seductive environments.

"We offer an aesthetic universe that moves between originality, contemporaneity and exuberance, bordering on the dreamlike"

Maria Jose Gomez and Maxi Zigart

Luzio Group

Since its creation, the group has evolved to become a benchmark in the interior design and decoration sector in Barcelona.

Beginning its journey with the opening of an exclusive concept store in Barcelona with its own collections and selected brands, over time it has incorporated other business divisions: interior design studio for individuals and contracts, real estate consulting, two restaurants and the launch of the online store.

Concept Store

A 1,000-square-meter showroom-store that represents an oasis of elegance in which to get lost and marvel at decorative objects, fashion accessories, extraordinary furniture, pieces of art, and floral creations. A space where very diverse environments are recreated so that the client can imagine the composition in their home.


A new online space where customers can be inspired and find out about the latest news from LUZIO, from the comfort of their home.

Luzio Studio

An interior design studio led by a large in-house team of architects and interior designers, who are in charge of developing bespoke projects in both the residential, contract and retail fields.

Boutique Real Estate

LUZIO offers its clients with an investor profile the possibility of acquiring real estate with profitability, as well as the purchase of unique properties. In both cases, talk, above all, of deals or 'off market' real estate. All under expert advice from the beginning to the purchase of the property.


In 2017, the firm's first restaurant called Iluzione opened its doors, located inside the LUZIO showroom itself. An Italian restaurant with a New York soul that offers a different menu of Italian and Asian inspiration, where everything is taken care of in detail, including the staging, how could it be otherwise.

In 2021, the second restaurant, Corso Iluzione, was inaugurated, located in the exclusive La Roca Village Shopping Center, a few kilometers from Barcelona. The Mediterranean-Italian essence predominates in it, where the interior design generates a WOW effect!