Faux Fur, the future of sustainable decoration

Cama adornada con manta faux fur

The trend of decorating homes with faux fur (vegan fur textiles) instead of natural fur is one of the most popular in recent years.

A fashion that, without a doubt, is becoming an unstoppable movement of which more and more brands and manufacturers are becoming aware to turn both the fashion and decoration sectors into a better and more sustainable one.

Fur textiles have always been a basic for dressing homes during winter regardless of the decorative style, although little by little we are also beginning to see them in the less cold months in warmer decorations as it is a textile accessory that provides elegance and comfort. .

The faux fur version becomes an ideal alternative for those who love decoration, hair and, above all, animals.

Faux fur rug at the foot of the bed

What are faux fur or vegan hair textiles made of?

LUZIO faux fur textiles are synonymous with elegance and warmth, which is why they are always part of one of our collections, especially when the winter months arrive.

These fabrics are entirely made from environmentally friendly premium materials , from recycled plastic. A great quality in the manufacture of faux fur that results in very comfortable accessories that are pleasant to the touch, which fill any space with a warm sensation of well-being.

Ideas to adopt the faux fur trend in your home

Decoration with faux fur four seasons

Decorating the house with faux fur will fill it with warmth and modernity whatever the season of the year . In the warmer months you can use it to enjoy moments outside when the temperature drops a bit at dusk, and mix faux fur plaids and cushions with lighter textures such as linen.

Let your creativity fly

With a little imagination you can find different uses to surprise and give a touch of originality to the decoration of your home.

Our Faux Fur collection allows you, for example, to use a small rug as a cover seat to dress updining room chairs or a reading chair , cover furniture as a tablecloth or rug to give it a Nordic decorative style , use blankets as rugs and much more…

Chair covered with faux fur plaid

The faux fur brings light to your home

The fur textiles from the Faux Fur collection in light tones, especially the “Diamond Tibet” collection in white, combine elegance, warmth and light in home decoration.

The key to achieving a bright environment is to add elements in white tones on dark surfaces , thus generating visual contrast.

With this faux fur collection, at LUZIO we have opted to return to our beginnings and what was once the heart of the brand, fur, but from an updated and eco-friendly perspective.

A new version of luxury at home thanks to faux fur

Cushions, blankets with double functionality as a rug , plaid or seat covers are the products that make up this vegan fur collection.

How do we get that realistic feeling of natural fur with faux fur ? First of all, thanks to a density of 1600 gr/m which gives it volume and a natural tousled appearance when you run your hand over the hair, together with a high-quality material that gives it a soft and silky touch.

Undoubtedly, functional as well as decorative accessories that are updated in their most eco-friendly version.

Bath mat in faux fur

Where to find Luzio's faux fur products?

Both in Luzio Concept Store in Barcelona and in our online store , you will find the full range of faux fur products: plaids, blankets, cushions and rugs and beds for pets of various sizes in four different shades to choose from: dark gray Cristal Fox, the natural color Sable Fox, the gold Silver Fox and the white Diamond Tibet.

Each one with a different hair color and touch, but all following this very current and eco-friendly vegan trend to decorate homes. Do you sign up for this movement with us?

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