Assouline, the brand that brings luxury to culture

Libro abierto de la marca Assouline

There are books with a cover that does not invite you to buy them, regardless of the quality of the story. Others, on the contrary, have a cover letter that is a work of art. That is the concept of Assouline , a family brand that has turned books into authentic luxury objects in decoration.

Prosper and Martine, the names behind Assouline

Do you want to know who is behind the brand? Assouline was founded by the Prosper and Martine Assouline couple , who more than book publishers, defined themselves as dreamers.

The first book they published was in 1994 , dedicated to La Colombe D'Or de Saint-Paul-de-Vence. During their stay at the mythical hotel, Prosper took the photos, while Martine wrote the text. And here the magic began.

In search of more material, the two convinced the family that ran the hotel to share their albums and memorabilia with the Assoulines. Among the most famous guests at La Colombe d'Or were Yves Montand, Marlene Dietrich and Picasso .

It was in 2005 when they opened their first store in the Parisian neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The City of Light was followed by others such as Venice, London, New York and Seoul.

Since that first book, their passion for luxury and culture has led the Assoulines to launch more than 1,700 copies ofdecorative books on the market, with a current publication rate of 60-70 copies a year.

Assouline collection laid out on a table

What do the Assouline books talk about?

If a book brand is luxurious, so must be the topics it covers in its select publications. Those of Assouline deal with the most chic and recognized brands in the world from the sectors of haute couture, luxury travel, the most exclusive jewelery and watches and interior design , among others.

Brand names such as Chanel , Cartier and Dior are common on the Assouline's colorful covers, as well as the names of places where magic, luxury and exoticism are responsible for printing indelible memories: Marrakech, Bari, Ibiza or Capri .

Exclusivity and limited collections

Luxury is not only linked to the price of a product, but also to its controlled production.

The small number of copies that Assouline prints makes them books that you will not find in every home . Its scarcity increases its exclusivity and, with it, the luxury of owning an Assouline.

This is added to the quality of its editions, created in an artisan binding, with very thick pages where the images and photographs are inserted one by one, cutting and pasting them by hand. A delicate artisan process that adds more value to an Assouline book .

Ibiza Bohemia from the luxury publisher Assouline

When a book is more than a book

The Assoulines are created to be inspired by going through its pages and marveling at the beauty and quality of the photographs that adorn them. But, also, they are created to decorate any corner of the home , playing with their sizes, colors and their impressive covers, like a coffee table book .

At Luzio interior design concept store , we have a wide selection of the most sought-after books from the Assouline brand . Let yourself be seduced by its covers, caress its pages and immerse yourself in the particular vision of the world of this couple of dreamers and lovers of life.

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