Interior decoration styles, which one do you identify with the most?

Estilo decorativo wabi-sabi y ecléctico

Choosing the decorative style for an interior is key . Opting for one or the other will bring out our personality, in addition to turning the space into a pleasant place to live in it .

Below we propose some decorative styles to give your home that character, presence and comfort that you want. In addition, all of them are styles that you can find in our Concept Store. Meet them!

Mediterranean decorative style

The Mediterranean interior decoration style is typical of the countries that border this sea, and is characterized by natural light, materials in light or nude tones with a rustic touch, and neutral tones that evoke calm and tranquility.

With this decorative style we obtain wide and ventilated spaces , submerged in a warm and relaxed atmosphere , where views to the outside and natural lighting are enhanced. If you want to apply it to your home, keep reading!

A neutral color palette

The Mediterranean decorative style prefers light and neutral tones , giving special prominence to earth, grey, beige, cream, white and blue colours . The strident colors like red or orange do not represent this style because they are colors that subtract that feeling of tranquility that is sought.

Natural and untreated materials

The Mediterranean decorative style is closely related to outdoor life and the coast, so natural materials such as wood and untreated stone with that rough and irregular effect of their own nature provide warmth and naturalness .

Residence with Mediterranean type decorative style

Natural ceilings and floors

The exposed wooden beams are one of the most representative characteristics of the Mediterranean decorative style (among others). The reason is that they highlight the architecture of the building and help to evoke the exterior nature.

The floors, for their part, are also usually made of wood, natural stone or smooth tiles , and it is recommended to use the same type of floor on the entire interior surface of the house to give continuity to the whole, without disruptive elements.

The importance of textiles

This interior decorative style is passionate about natural textiles such as linen, cotton, jute or rattan . Choose elements made of this type of material: baskets, chairs, rugs, decorative hats... they will bring peace and calm.

Opt for minimalism

This style seeks to create spacious and pleasant spaces without much ornamentation , so recharging them will reduce the simplicity and naturalness that we want to achieve.

Introduce elements that remind the sea

There can be no Mediterranean style without elements that evoke the sea that gives it its name. To do this, you can choose rugs or cushions in blue tones, tableware with marine motifs ... they will undoubtedly bring freshness to the space.

rustic decorative style

The rustic, country or farm style of decoration shares some characteristics with the Mediterranean style, especially due to the natural finishes, the stone floors and the fabrics such as linen and jute .

However, with the rustic decoration we do not seek to evoke traditional Mediterranean buildings, but rather the houses of the countryside or mountains .

Write down these tips to decorate your home following the rustic style.

Restored or antique furniture

With the rustic style we intend to reproduce a country environment where nature is the protagonist. For this reason, antique or restored furniture with floral decorations bring the warmth of the most rural places.

Wood and natural stone

Like the Mediterranean style, the rustic opts for materials with natural finishes such as wood and stone , used on ceilings, walls and floors. A built-in fireplace in the living room is the perfect example of this style.

In addition, it should be remembered that these materials are excellent thermal insulators, ideal for homes in cold mountain areas.

rustic decorative style

Colors reminiscent of autumn

The color palette of the rustic decorative style is dominated by muted tones, such as browns, grays and white .

We can play with them when painting the walls and furniture, choosing the lightest ones for the walls and the darkest ones for the furniture, or vice versa. This way we will be able to create a most welcoming contrast .

Flowers and plants everywhere

Along with wood and stone, flowers and plants are the other protagonists of the rustic decorative style . Whether they are natural, placed in vases scattered around the house, or painted on the furniture. Let nature into your home!

But not all flowers and plants are worth it: only the wild ones will add their touch to the rustic decoration .

old pieces

Vintage is very present in the rustic decorative style. Incorporating an old decorative object such as ceramics or photo frames with a worn finish will never hurt to give the final touch to our new home.

natural fabrics

As we anticipated, accessories made of wicker, jute or cotton also have a place in rustic decoration, since they provide that natural and untreated note that we want.

ethnic decorative style

Moving a bit away from the two decorative styles that we have just seen, the next one (and very fashionable) is the ethnic one. Actually, it is a style that encompasses different substyles , almost as many as there are ethnic groups in the world.

The ethnic decoration is very much based on the land and the local culture , and is characterized, among other things, by the large presence of handicrafts, from tapestries and carpets to sculptures with ethnic motifs.

Do you want to know how to apply the ethnic style to your home? We tell you!

the trunks

In the ethnic decorative style, especially those based on different African cultures, it is common to find trunks used as tables, seats or as decorative sculptures .

Textiles with different motifs

Textiles abound in this style. The Aztecs and Incas, for example, present geometric shapes, such as triangles and rhombuses; Hindus are usually adorned with representations of elephants or some god of Hinduism.

These designs can be used in cushions or in tapestries to decorate the floors, walls and even the headboard of the bed.

craftsmanship is key

Plates, vases, bowls, basketry, sculptures... In the ethnic decorative style there is no shortage of these handcrafted objects, especially in the living room, dining room and bedroom. They are made, of course, with natural materials, such as wood or wicker.

ethnic decorative style

ethnic masks

Surely you have seen the typical decorative masks of African ethnic groups, carved by hand and with elongated faces. Combining them with other craft objects will fill any space in the house.

Color variation

While the African ethnic style prefers brown, beige and gray tones , Hindu-type decoration or pre-Columbian cultures prefer blue, red, yellow and green , especially as the main colors for textiles.

eclectic decorative style

Do you like various styles for the interior design of your home? So your style is eclectic.

As its name indicates, this decorative style is based on the combination of different styles to create a uniform and coherent set , choosing what you like best from each of them.

Precisely, therein lies its key, in arranging everything so that the final result does not give a sensation of chaos or disorder, but rather of disruption and originality.

With infinite possibilities, it is difficult to give specific guidelines for decorating a home with an eclectic style. Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to achieve "chaos", the goal is for the spaces to give off harmony despite the coexistence of pieces of such disparate styles . Although there are no set rules, here are some tips!

It is advisable not to mix more than two or three styles in the same space , to avoid chaos. The main elements of the space, better in neutral colors. In this way it will be much easier to play with the decoration. White walls will help you achieve harmony between all the elements.

Choose decorative elements with history, such as something old, a tribal sculpture ... as they add a lot of personality.

Beyond this... The limit is your imagination! Look for elements that go with you to create a very personal space in your home.

Eclectic type decorative style

wabi sabi style

The last style of decoration that we will talk about is wabi-sabi, an interior design trend perhaps less well known than the previous ones, but which has also been put into practice a lot in recent years.

Wabi-sabi is a decorative style from Japan , and is based on the consideration of imperfection as something beautiful , seeing the passage of time and melancholy as the key to achieving a balanced home full of personality.

What does it mean? We would summarize it as an austere and simple decorative style in which imperfect natural elements predominate, although without reaching minimalism , a style with which it shares some features.

simple spaces

Why use decoration that is not necessary? Wabi-sabi pursues simplicity to achieve warm and welcoming environments , without opulence. If there are elements that take away your inner peace, these must be eliminated.

bare walls

It is rare to see paintings on the walls in the wabi-sabi style. These are usually shown natural, rough and without ornaments . The favorite palette of this style is made up of relaxing colors , such as beige and different shades of gray, not only on the walls, but throughout the house .

raw materials

The materials, the less treated, the better. Wood, stone, natural fibers such as linen and jute are the real protagonists, providing naturalness and rawness with their irregular shapes.

Metal objects are not very present in this style of interior design: a thin living room lamp is enough.

basketry and bowls

Of the few elements of wabi-sabi decoration , the handmade baskets , made of rattan or wicker, and the Tibetan wooden bowls stand out. The paintings must be reduced to their minimum expression and we must leave aside those of colors, since they subtract tranquility.

Now that you know some of them, which of these styles do you prefer? At Luzio you can find everything you need to create these spaces in your home.

We are waiting for you with these ideas, and many more!

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