The maximalist style: when more is more

Salón decorado siguiendo el estilo maximalista

The maximalist style is about embracing excess. Large doses of color, exuberant prints and many elements where textures are the protagonists.

Although this trend advocates "more is more", maximalism is not synonymous with disorder or chaos , but we imagine it as a kind of magical cave where we find carefully selected treasures .

This style is what defines Luzio 's savoir faire , where different shades blend perfectly in an ingenious mix of patterns, textures and layers.

Undoubtedly, when creating a space of this style, as much effort (or more!) is required as if it were any other. Reflection, creativity and care are the keys to success .

Origin of maximalism

Maximalism was born in the middle of the 20th century as an artistic current opposed to minimalism . While the latter advocates reducing the elements to the minimum expression, the maximalist style is not at all comfortable with excess, ostentation and daring.

The maximalist style quickly expanded beyond art, thus referencing itself in literature (John Barth, Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace), music (Frank Zappa, Milton Babbitt) or interior design (Barbara Hulanicki, Daniel Romualdez).

Tips to decorate your home in a maximalist style

While there are no hard and fast rules that define maximalism, certain strategies can prevent space from becoming unkempt or disorganized territory.

In addition, this style is one of the ones that allows us to show our personality and essence through the different design elements.

If you are thinking of creating a space decorated in a maximalist style, well designed, here we give you the best tips to achieve it.

Embrace the extravagance

The maximalist style is not a friend of corsets. Decorate your space fleeing from conventions, with an eccentric, striking and daring will. Walls, floors and ceilings of bright colors. A decoration that exudes freedom, uninhibited creation and risk .

Decorating under the umbrella of the maximalist style, in addition to being simple and suitable for anyone with a creative interest, becomes an exciting and fun exercise .

Mix the new with the old

We do not have to fill the interiors with modern furniture. This style allows you to combine the new with timeless and old pieces , to create a unique environment.

The power of prints

The print is a "must" within the maximalist style. Including not just one, but different types in the same space will turn the space into a place full of contrasts.

Also combining classic prints (such as florals or stripes), with patterns of bright colors that attract attention is another resource that will help you achieve an impactful space.

Florals go well with stripes; For example, using a sofa with a floral print -or a curtain- with a striped rug is a resource for this type of style.

vintage type objects

Antique objects and the stories they tell cannot be missing from a home decorated in a maximalist style. A good collection of vintage pieces will give your space a unique personality that makes a difference.

bold colors

Focus on the room, what it will be used for and its dimensions. To create ambiance, opt for rich contrasting tones . Although if what you want is to give the space a calmer air, paint the skirting boards, walls and windows in the same tone.

This technique will also create the optical illusion of enlarging the room. Another trick is to combine the paint with the fabrics, in order to give a sense of cohesion.

black and white

Although the maximalist style calls for the use of bright and different colors, black and white also have a place within this style. Use these colors and complement them with furniture and textures that stand out in the set.

Maximalism in interior decoration

Now that you know how to apply it, in Luzio, our concept-store , you will find everything you need to bring the maximalist style to your home.

Furniture , lamps , kitchenware , textile objects ,decorative books ... Let your imagination run wild and achieve with us a maximalist style worthy of the best decoration magazines .

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