La Mer Collection, tableware to dress the table this spring-summer

Colección La Mer, vajillas para vestir la mesa esta primavera-verano

Porcelain tableware inspired by the underwater world to dazzle your guests

With the arrival of good weather, the tables also take center stage and are dressed in a fresher and more cheerful way. In addition to opting for lighter and more natural tablecloths and napkins that serve as a canvas, the tableware is undoubtedly the undisputed protagonist.

Tableware inspired by the seabed is a trend year after year, as it is perfect for those who enjoy cooking and decorating at home, and at the same time want to add a touch of style and elegance to the table. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these spring-summer dinnerware is a way to show support for conserving the environment and protecting the oceans.

Table dressed with spring-summer tableware

Its contemporary design and the use of a very daring palette of vibrant colors will achieve an interesting and original staging for special and memorable tables. La Mer is an ode to the beauty and diversity of marine life in which hand-painted prints capture the essence of this fascinating world through different species of fish, crustaceans and marine vegetation.

Table with crockery with maritime motifs

A perfect collection for both indoors and outdoors, it offers a complete range of dishes and accessories to give the table that fresh and carefree air on summer nights. Trays, plates, salt and pepper shakers, containers and candle holders will turn tables into an authentic summer oasis with a vibrant and colorful touch, as well as elegant and original.

Ceramic plates with summer motifs

The collection also includes a series of four trays as tableware or as a decorative element and three ceramic pieces to be used as candle holders or vases , which combine bright colors on a wavy print inspired by water waves, designed by the creative artist Lucie de Moyencourt.

Pink ceramic plate with fish

Ceramic plate pink fish

Swordfish ceramic plate

Swordfish ceramic plate

Ceramic plate with fish on blue background

Blue fish ceramic plate

Decorative vase with sea shells

Bowl Cockle

Coral candlestick to decorate tables in summer

coral chandelier

Ideas to decorate your table in summer

Decide where you will place the table

If it is indoors, we recommend placing it near a source of natural light such as a window or terrace. If it is outside, keep in mind choosing a cool area where there is a breeze and shade, since meals tend to take longer in summer. Also, if it is close to the kitchen, it will make it easier to move around and it will be much more comfortable for the host.

decorate with flowers

Flowers are the ideal complement to decorate the table in any season, but they become essential in summer. Place a floral center taking into account that it does not obstruct the view so that the guests can see each other.

light materials

Naturalness as the central axis to decorate a table in summer is always a good idea. Bet on cotton or linen tablecloths and napkins, dishware or accessories in natural fibers to provide a fresh and relaxed touch.

The importance of lighting

Dining on the balcony, in the garden or under the porch may be one of the star and most desired moments of summer. For this reason, although the sunset is magical, we cannot forget good lighting so as not to run out of light during dinner. You can resort to the cozy garlands of lights or, if you do not have electric light, decorative candles or lanterns are an ideal option. You will create a most intimate and magical atmosphere.

Without a doubt, now that the days are longer we feel like enjoying visits more often. And what better way to receive them than with a colorful and cheerful table. Attention sea lovers! At Luzio we have the perfect spring-summer tableware to give a vibrant and elegant touch to your meals. It will not leave anyone indifferent!

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