Sail Baobab Women

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Sail Baobab Women

Sail Size
Magnolia - Pink – Musk
The candle's name "Women" resonates as a manifesto celebrating women, and the scent of powdery roses is an invitation to let one's femininity shine through with reckless abandon.
Since 2018, the Baobab Collection supports the BIG Foundation against Breast Cancer. A portion of the sales of the Women candles is donated to BIG. Through this action, Baobab Collection wishes to express its love for women.
The glass of the Women scented candle is decorated with a delicate silk-screened pattern in 9-carat yellow gold. The drawing represents the symbol of the woman, which appears as a printed design. The pale pink symbol is precisely outlined with a gold thread that celebrates the courage of women.

Measurement: MAX 10: height 10cm Sail weight: 1.35kg Candle burning time: 60h
Measurement: MAX 16: height 16cm Sail weight: 2.2kg Candle burning time: 150h
Measurement: MAX 24: height 24cm Sail weight: 5kg Candle burning time: 400h

USE: Always burn the candle until the entire surface becomes liquid. This stage can take a long time, especially during the first burn. When all the upper part of the wax is liquid, it is not recommended to burn it for more than one hour. The top layer of liquid wax should not exceed one centimeter in height. The candle should never burn completely and it is advisable to systematically leave one centimeter at the bottom.

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