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In search of regional expertise and artisan excellence, Louis Vuitton ateliers span the length and breadth of France and beyond, from Geneva, Switzerland, to Fiesso d'Artico, Italy, and even Texas, USA. .). Places of historical interest or outstanding natural beauty often have a Louis Vuitton atelier nearby: one example is Normandy, where picturesque Mont-Saint-Michel surrounded by the sea can be seen from Ducey's atelier.

Assouline is the pioneer brand in the creation of luxury books that delight interior decorators. Its Travel Series collection is the most vibrant of all, with numbers with a vibrant, modern and creative aesthetic.
• 272 pages
• More than 350 illustrations
• English language
• Launch February 2022
• W 24.3 x L 33 x D 4.5 cm
• Silk hardcover
• ISBN: 9781649800763
• 3.1kg

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