LUZIO Collection

We have crossed the world to find the finest materials, met the most expert artisans and developed this unique collection, 
Reaching the highest quality standards and bringing you 
An unparalelled softness to reconnect with the caresses of Mother Nature, 

Our Collection - Luzio


One of the most pleasing sensations in the world is the touch of animal fur and its natural beauty. Today, new techniques allow us to design amazing, ethical and vegan alternatives to fur and recreate the sensations you love to feel. 

Made with 100% Modified Acrylic, the most luxurious and exquisite fabric that replicates the marvelous properties of real fur; natural touch, perception and isolation while still being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Available made-to-order measures and designs.



Our pieces are made with natural wool hair to recreate the shearling look with an eco-friendly approach. 

The yarns are knitted to a fabric base, allowing to enjoy all the properties of a natural product, without harming the animal, keeping the soft and isolating benefits of wool and the superior touch of its caresses. 


Cashmere is only harvested once a year between winter and summer in Inner Mongolia.

After a selection among more than 3000 goats raw hair, we select the finest cashmere hair to meet our quality standards.

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The process starts with the goats being combed out,  not shorn or shaved, so the animal does not suffer unnecesarily.  This raw cashmere is washed, combed and sorted, then is dyed  with natural eco-friendly dyes and then is knitted and stiched manually.

This raw cashmere is washed, combed and sorted, then is dyed  with natural eco-friendly dyes and then is knitted and stiched manually.  

only the best cashmere hairs become part of our pieces
Get Lost Cape
Our Collection - Luzio

We are committed to follow the Fair Trade principles regarding the Cashmere producing regions. That is why we only collaborate with partners that share the same ethical principle and ensure good working conditions, build a sustainable and long term relationtionship

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