LUZIO Collection

made with care and love

We have crossed the world to find the finest materials, met the most expert artisans and developed this unique collection, 
Reaching the highest quality standards and bringing you 
An unparalelled softness to reconnect with the caresses of Mother Nature, 

Our Collection - Luzio


One of the most pleasing sensations in the world is the touch of animal fur and its natural beauty.

Today, new techniques allow us to design amazing, ethical and vegan alternatives to fur and recreate the sensations you love to feel. 

Our FAUX FUR collection is made with 100% Modified Acrylic, the most luxurious and exquisite fabric that replicates the marvelous properties of real fur. 

It keeps the same properties of natural touch, perception and isolation while still being sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Our Catalogue

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