Who we are

LUZIO comes from the word “revolution” and we added the “z” after completing a styling exercise because it’s an Italian-sounding letter with pizzazz, which fits well with the company’s two driving forces: María José, business owner, strategist, mediator and an anchor for her partner in crime, Argentinian-born Maxi, creative extraordinaire. Passionate about all things new, he also loves to give extraordinary pieces of furniture and objects a new lease of life and likes to think himself as some sort of design archaeologist. Both have shaped each concept and element at LUZIO.

Who we are - Luzio

MªJosé and Maxi
Their untiring search for beauty has led them to experience cultures the world over, visiting Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa, with one objective: to discover exclusive pieces. They never cease to amaze customers with their endless supply of treasures: from unique pieces of furniture given a new lease of life and a more on-trend look to new designer objects, including furniture by the brand itself or other well-known suppliers, and unique gift items or works of art, among other pieces. All pieces exude timeless style, something that can be hard to find in Barcelona. Their aesthetic universe combines originality, contemporaneity and exuberance, verging on fantasy. The showroom’s staging has been one of their obsessions in the bid to ensure that customers are able to imagine the combination of different styles and origins, amounting to a surprising and seductive blend.

Who we are - Luzio

This atmosphere is constantly being reformulated so that any customer can see LUZIO in a different light, always looking out for interior design trends across the globe. In recent years, LUZIO’s has offered a host of decorative elements, from a mix of vintage pieces or elements boasting a more colonial style. Currently, we favour more natural elements, such as pieces of Asian wood furniture that are given a new lease of life at LUZIO, or more sophisticated styles from all corners of the world, while always breaking the norm and promoting unique fusions.