Casa Roure

Girona, private holiday residence
Casa Roure - Luzio

The elements of nature and wood take center stage in this second home in the Empordà.

The rural essence can be seen in the structure of the building, from which the stone walls and original beams have been used.

The owners wanted to give prominence to the splendid works of art that mark the character of the house.

Casa Roure - Luzio

And another of the protagonists are the outdoor spaces, as well as playing with the different spaces of this typical Catalan rural house. This porch with Indian elements such as the coffee table and Chinese doors, turn the traditionality of the place into a different and transgressive environment.

Sober and elegant common areas, in neutral colors so as not to compete with rooms such as the living room.

Casa Roure - Luzio

A room all made of wood, very sober with antique pickled heads and different bedside tables for an informal touch