Casa Ferran Agulló

Barcelona, private residence
Casa Ferran Agulló - Luzio

Starting from a very chic style, with which customers feel very identified, each of the elements that converge in the dining room and bedroom have been placed with the intention of gaining originality and vitality on an aesthetic level.

In the dining room, two custom sofas have been made together with the iron table and black marble (matt, at the explicit request of the clients) that converge with the painting by the painter Albert Coma.

Chinese-inspired ceramic lamps and vases, coral sculptures and Mario Ruiz’s sculptures have been chosen to complete the set of decorative elements.

In the bedroom, the presence of silk and thread fabrics stands out, such as the Lo de Manuela cushions and the Indian plaid on the double bed, as well as the brass lamps and the brass and white marble bedside tables. Large pieces like a vintage gold-framed mirror add the finishing touch to this room.