represents the luxury of  Barcelona’s                            lifestyle

After one more than a decade creating interior design spaaces and curating the most beautiful objects in the world to our Concept Store, we have decided to create our very own collection to delight your senses.

We pursue the quest of sourcing the finest and most sustainable materials from around the world, to create a unique collection.

All garments have been designed in Barcelona and handcrafted by artisans into exquisite pieces





Made of 100% recycled pastic, made in BArcelona

Faithfully represents the natural and delicate touch of animal hair.

We have developed the best vegan fur keeping our principle of sustainability and eco-friendly approach.

So real you won’t believe it’s VEGAN!

  • Plaid Vegan Silver and cushions Vegan Sable
  • Plaid and cushions Vegan Silver
  • Seat cover and cushion Vegan Crystal
  • Plaid and cushion Vegan Sable
  • Pouff Vegan Sable
  • Dog bed Sable
  • Diamond Tibet Plaid and cushions
  • Floor pillow Diamond Tibet


Made in Spain

The natural hair fibers of our garments and accessories are respectful with the enviroment and perfectly recreate the shearling look without harming any animal as these are carefully sheared and the obtained yarns are then knitted to a fabric.

  • Conscious Wool Plaid and cushions - Beige
  • Conscious Wool Plaid and cushions - Taupe
  • Conscious Wool Pouff - Beige

More info:

Download our catalogue for more information and sizes. If you are professional and in terested in our products, please write us sales@luzio.es

We can make made-to-measure pieces too.

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